Dec 31, 2011

D' Original Razon's

Cebu has been raining for days, and then suddenly Mr Sun appears with a vengeance and then in a minute it rains again. The weather is making me sick, making Little S and Pangs sick.... grrrr....

But when I crave for something to eat, I don't rely on whether the weather is fitting for that particular food, like few nights ago when it was cloudy and cold and yet I craved for Halo Halo. No bad weather is going to stop me from having my halo halo. So off we went, Me, Pangs, My Mother of pearl, my nephew Kuya I and my baby Little S, to D' Original Razon's at Mandaue.

D' Original Razon's originated from Pampanga, is known for their Halo Halo and Special Palabok. I've tried their Halo Halo twice and I love it. Their Halo Halo is not the usual kind, it has lots of Macapuno, Nangka, Jackfuit and top with a Leche Flan instead of the usual scoop of Icecream. It's more of a "Binignit" in taste served cold. The ice is really really fine, you won't feel any chunks.

I can't say I'd ditch the usual Halo Halo, I still  love Chowking's, Ice Castle's and Wanna Eat's Halo halo but definitely this different kind, Razon's offer is "IN" for me, and my whole crew.

Halo Halo for 69 Pesos.

The two rascals wasn't really in for the newly introduced Halo Halo so Kuya I opted for Tacos

While Little S got her all time Favorite "Ah kim" (icecream) in Mango flavor for  25 Pesos.

 I think they have three branches already. One is at Ayala, the other one I read somewhere is near Fuente Osmena and the third branch is this one at Mandaue.

Oh and also you should try their Fresh Bangus that's already been marinated, all you do is buy and fry. Lami kaayo. I'm even going there today to buy a few... After all the ham and lechon eating makes me crave for Bangus.

If you are curious about this place, Go go go at: 
D'Original Razon's Famous Halo-halo & Special Palabok Carlos Perez Bldg.,
AC Cortes Ave., Mandaue City
(032) 239 5052
Opens from 10 am to 10 pm daily
And tell me what you think about it. As for the Palabok... that, I still got to taste for myself. :) 

Happy New Year everyone :)

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anne said...

LOL I am officially drooling your halo halo hehehe mine is up and its here thanks
Sahm’s Dining Diary

wifetoalineman02 said...

looks like your famil had the fun Sis :-) that halo2x is a delish treat :-) Visiting from Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the favor too.

Leah H. said...

Sarap naman ng Halo2x..Nakaka-miss:( Anyway, the halo2x looks so tempting..

Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)

Perfectly Blended said...

it's so nice to see happy people in here :-)

jolly benitez said...

i have dined at Razon's (across Robinson's Fuente Osmena) several times and the food has always been terrific! BUT today i brought my family for lunch and Razon's awful service ruined our appetite : 1) the food came awfully late. 2) we ordered five cups of plain rice but (hell is out!!!) only two cups came, it took another 10 minutes for the next two cups to come. After the nth minute (yes it is not a typo, it's "nth") i asked where the hell the fifth cup of rice went? they CASUALLY AND UNABASHEDLY said, "sorry sir we ran out of rice." pathetic! (YOU'RE A RESTAURANT AND YOU RUN OUT OF RICE????!!!) Screwed up, we didn't consume the food, paid our bills, and left! wait, there's number 3) the halo-halo we ordered never ever came! I told the confused lady supervisor, "the food is great, but the service is 'terrifically bad' (to quote TNT coach Chot Reyes)." We all left Razon's HUNGRY AND ANGRY! To the owners/management of Razon: YOU come to Cebu, you make money doing business here, but please treat us well!

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