Jan 1, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Our First 2012 Family Picture

Now that it's 2012,  I want to make a daily snapshot of our life. All for making good memories. I am the writing a diary kind of person and reading my past always renew me in so many ways, makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me very grateful for all the blessings and the lessons I learned a long the way. Makes me travel once again to the life I once had and gives me a clear vision of the road I want to take. 

Fast forward on the eve of 2013. I will once again read all 366 snapshots of 2012. Really crossing, hoping and praying I will be able to finish this project.

First thing we did as soon as we woke up the morning of 2012, we gathered and took our very first family picture for the year. 

Notice how Sophia is just wearing her nappies and how uncomposed we all look like but never the less happy and excited for the year and whatever is in store for us.

Happy New year you all.

Hope you enjoyed our family portrait as much as we enjoyed doing it. And we are going to make it a tradition. 





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