Party of Three

A Party of Three

This is our family's lifetime of special experience.

This is a journal about US (my family), marriage and relationships, raising Little S, the places we go to, parties we attend, families and friends who are close to our hearts, our milestone, celebrations, funny moments, conversations, the food we ate, our prayers ... all the important experiences and even the insignificant ones. Every detail I want to write down, because I want to remember them all.

We will live the moment, enjoy the experience. While they all say time flies so fast and we cannot undo things that was done. But at least, I was there. Truly there.
Living the moment.

It was the 8th of March 2008, when Maury and I decided to tie the knot.
It was the start of our deepest committment to love each other for all eternity.

And then came our most precious "Little S",
the love of our life.
God's heaven sent to us.
An answered prayer.

We are so Blessed!!!

Welcome to our small family.
A party of three.
Enjoy a peek into our
wild & crazy life.

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