Aug 10, 2011

Milestone: Holds the spoon

My 16 Months Old Little S is growing and learning fast. Above the many things she now knows how to do is "holding the spoon and feeding herself", grab small objects with pincer grasp and she can now chew larger pieces of food with her 9 teeth.

giving the spoon a dry run...

All set... Dig.

Bring Forth... Slowly now...

Goal (Clap clap)

Ooops... Forgive the mess on the right side of her dress

ok. One more time... Dig, bring forth, goal... (another clap clap)

My happy eater...

Meal time is certainly going to be the most messy part of our day now that she knows how to use her spoon and fork... And the best time for me to find foods that would interest her...

Every time she managed to get the food into her mouth, she glanced at us with pride, smile, smack her lips and make her signature head dance and hums, "Yum Yum"
My quest for cooking and quest for baby friendly foods begin... Help, tips... anyone?



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