Sep 12, 2011

Wanna Eat

It was scouring hot in Cebu for the past weeks. Specifically last long weekend, when me, hubby and the little one can bond. I remembered a nice cozy place I saw beside Pan de Manila in IT park when I happened to hanged out with some friends. I didn't get the name of the food chain that time, but the colors of the interiors caught my eyes and I wanted to visit and try out the place.

PERFECT! We didn't know where to go that day and the vibrant colors of the place didn't leave my mind. The hubby was up to trying something new. So off we go.

When we got there, I already had a positive feeling with all the pink and sweet interiors and Little S loved it too. There is something familiar with the place, ah... i knew it...  Living in Cebu all my life, I couldn't be wrong this is McJoy, My Joy and now changed to Wanna Eat. It's not only the name that is new, it also houses the pizza parlor–Brasco Pizza and the coffee shop–Butterbean, making it a 3-in 1 resto.

Since it was particularly hot that day, we indulge ourselves with our all time favorite HALO HALO

Little S wanted some cake, I ordered Taco, and hubby had hungarian sausage. Before leaving the counter the cashier asked me to draw a paper from the fishbowl that read "pork belly"... Yep free pork belly for us. I love their pork belly, when I was pregnant I can eat 3 My Joy pork belly meals... ( don't judge me, I was eating for 2)

We went home full and satisfied with their food and already planning to go back to try the rest of their yummy food. So expect an update on this post.

Til Next Time :)

LOCATION: E-Bloc Asiatown IT Park

OPENS: Monday-Saturday 11am-4am 
              Sundays from 12nn-10pm.

*Reservation for special occasions is accepted even outside opening hours.

*WiFi is available.


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Gene said...

Wow! The food looks great. Lalo na yung cake, pastries and halo-halo. Plus points for their fruit shake corner. Bakit wala niyan dito? I want to try the cake and pork belly. :D

visiting via yummy sunday

Perfectly Blended said...

the place looks nice, the foodies looks very yum and the little girl is super cute!

Cheerful said...

yummy halo-halo, packed with flavors! sarap at miss ko na iyan. anyway, little s is so lovely. visiting late from YS, hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)

Stef Cruz-Lingat said...

I love all the photos! Visiting from Yummy Sunday #107 ..Sorry for being so late. =) Sis, you may want to join messy go round as well.

Jona said...

the food looks really yummy! and the place was nice and cozy.

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