Jul 21, 2011

Icee's 9th Super Mario Birthday Party

Icee's 9th Birthday party last saturday, July 16 was a blast!!!!...  Our parent's garage were filled with classroom full of kids from Icee's class. Thankfully the kid's parents allowed their children to come and celebrate with us, we picked them up at school around 2 pm and brought them back 5:30 pm at the same place.

Given the conditions he set for the party, I'd say it was a success, Moreover because I made him one Super happy celebrant, everybody had fun and won't stop talking about the great party we throw for my nephew Icee. :)

The invite, thank you stickers and tarpaulin:
The invites were given 3 days before the party, to his classmates. I had fun making the layouts for both the invite and tarp. For a week, Mario and the cast gave me constant nightmares... lol

added Icee's pics for a more personal touch

Candy Buffet and favor buffet
These are mostly DIYs, (party hats, cupcake toppers, star nametags, favor boxes and layouts for the thank you stickers) due to lack of Super Mario party supplies in our place or maybe due to lack of time, to look for supplies. What a girl to do? be resourceful and be creative. :)

50 Favor Boxes (here) were filled with candies and goodies.

Mustache and Lollies


Nope I didn't bake the cupcakes, baking and cooking, that I still need to learn. But I made the cupcake toppers though, heheheh :)

The Games/ Activities
I printed out Mario Character, poster size for the "pin the mustache" and Yoshi for the egghunt. I forgot to take photos of the plastic eggs before we hid it for the kids to find, but it was a hit and now Icee wants to play egghunt this weekend.

Here are few pics of the Pin the Mustache Game:

this is how Mario looked after the game (poor Mario) hahahahah

the all time classic game, Pabitin and Pinata:

Since there were no costumes available, I had Mario, Luigi printed on my Kuya (Icee's dad) and Icee's shirt and made a matching "mario-luigi" party hat.

And lets not forget, "princess peach" aka Princess "S" with her matching crown

Few more pics:

Best Cousins: Super I and Little S
Happy Birthday Super Kuya Icee

Found a lot of inspiration  from other mommies in the net. I would like to thank all of them, how I wish I could remember each, but I will be updating this from time to time so I can give credit where credit is due. I will be posting individual posts on the DIYs soon :)

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