Dec 30, 2011

Sophie's Style: First Flower Girl Gown

It was Sophia's first time to be a Flower Girl, although she wasn't very brave to walk on her own I was so happy that she walked the aisle with me, all she needed was a little support and I am and will always be going to give her just that until she's brave enough to walk on her  own. 

Lloyd and Jet's wedding was really fabulous, not only because their motif was my favorite color and shade, but their decorations were full of details too. Very very elegant. Everybody looks gorgeous, special mention to the flower girls who were cute and adorable in their gowns.

Here's what Sophia wore: The gown that made my little girl look like a princess was designed by no other than Ivan Raborar one of the contestants from Project Runway Philippines Episode 1. Sophie wouldn't stop saying "wow" to it. When I undressed her she got upset and wanted me to put it back lol.

I love the Plum Belt and big ribbon at the back

 There's my happy princess with her "wow" gown. So happy the couple gave it to her as a token. Thanks so much Jettie :)

The flower girls had a very cute pale full of flowers to throw down the aisle while they're walking and were suppose to wear a headdress but Sophia objected against it, like really objected and started pulling up her hair and her pony tail. I'm glad I made a quick fix to it just on time.  

The gown was long and didn't show her cute silver glittery doll shoes. It's so cute and shining hehehe :) I already made a post about it here. If not, here I'm showing you. It's this:
Rustanette Doll Shoes worth 750 pesos.

Two more days and it's going to be 2012 already. I'm very optimistic on what awaits. I've already set my goals and will be sharing it to you soon. 

Enjoy the holidays everyone. :)


happy caity said...

the gown is superb! i love the chandelier-esque touch to it and all the details. little Sophie sure looks like a princess!

J&J Styles said...

I so love their motiff and the flower girls dress. they look like a princess. and your little princess look like one

Breena said...

OH mY! She is sooo pretty! I'd love for you to share this at my "Life is About..." blog hop going on now at "Life as this Mommy knows It"!


Breena said...

Thanks for sharing at "Life as this Mommy knows It"!!

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