Dec 27, 2011

Koronadal: Greenstate Suite and Mang Gorio Bahay Kainan

This is the first time I've been to Marbel, now changed to Koronadal City. We were booked since October after patiently waiting for Cebu Pacific's promo fare. I was excited since then because first, we are going there to attend Jet and Lloyd's wedding, second it's Sophia's first time to be a flower girl, third me, Maury and Sophia get travel and forth, I get to travel with good college buddies Atoy and Sue who I last saw 2006. So imagine my excitement. :) In fact in the airport lining up for the boarding pass and all, we can't stop to talk and catch up with each others lives.

Greenstate Suite was our temporary house for a short stay of 3 days and 2 nights. We got the matrimonial room while Sue and Atoy had the room with twin beds.
Here's a look of our room:

Let's ask Sophie if its comfy

By the looks of it. Super Comfy.

I am a little OC when it comes to cleanliness, especially when it comes to the bed and linens and especially when it come to CRs. Greenstate has my thumbs up for: 
  1. cleanliness
  2. phone service and cable tvs are working
  3. good airconditioning
  4. cozy ambience
  5. friendly staffs
  6. most importantly Free Wi-fi is, love :)
BUT, it has only instant noodles, coffee vending machine, and bottled drinks to offer. Good thing the place is near restaurants so finding  food wouldn't be that hard too. We asked one local staff where we could eat for breakfast and she told us there is a Jollibee nearby and Mang Gorio. We love Jollibee but we've been to almost all Jollibee outlets in Cebu already so we opt to Mang Gorio to try their local pride. 

Mang Gorio Bahay Kainan:

Sad to say I can't say much about their food because we were only there to eat breakfast. I had corn beef , egg and garlic rice and it was deliciously satisfying. I heard they are known for serving Filipino Food. Maybe just like Chikaan sa Cebu and Golden Cowrie. 

I promise to eat there again but for meantime I'll just share few of our pics with you.

It was a nice trip. The kind of trip I've been longing to have away from stressors, a trip with Maury, Sophia and good friends. 



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