Dec 25, 2011

Weekly Snippets: Sophia Flower Girl for the First Time

Finally they did it.

You know how some people say long time relationships always end up breaking, well Jet and Lloyd are one of the few couples who prove that saying wrong. They have been girlfriend and boyfriend for seven years since college time and I've witnessed how their love grew and how they grow in love with each other.

I remembered that was June of this year, Jettie texted me saying Lloyd just proposed to her and she asked me to be her secondary sponsor (cord) and Sophia to be one of her flower girls, without thinking of course I said YES! I couldn't say no to one of my best girlfriends. She has been my trusted ally and we've been friends for more than 10 years. Actually, she was my first friend in college. I love this couple and so I said yes. And I was very excited for Sophia who's going to be a flower girl for the very first time.

The three of us flew to General Santos then traveled to Koronadal to be there for the couple. Just the three of us and a few good friends from college.

It was such a beautiful wedding. Everyone had a great time. Sophia most especially because she found new friends, and wearing her dress she always say "WOW" non stop. This little girl got taste. She was suppose to have a headress but she threw it away. So, no head dress.


Before the ceremony started, Maury talked to Sophia again they had the same conversation about bringing flowers from the door to Jesus. I saw Sophia practicing bringing her basket saying "Walk walk walk"  while she walks down the aisle.

THAT was before the people came in. But when the real procession of the entourage happened, she was ready to walk until everyone saw her and took pictures and exclaimed "wow pretty baby, so cute", she started walking backwards.... She wouldn't walk with Daddy and asked for Mommy, so I came running back to the church door after I walked for the secondary sponsor, meaning, I rampa twice... lol

The cord bearers: Dr. Gail and Me. Partners at La Clinica Dental,  Secondary sponsors. He is one of my bestfriends and one of the few permanent person in our lives (Maury and Sophia's too)

Little S was so cute with the other flower girls and kids in general. She was very friendly and sweet, sometimes the kids were already bullying her, she still is clueless. She would look up to me and say, "Mommy friends" after a kid was trying to push her. I was like, my God anak.

In the reception, she made a new friend with a Tagalog girl, Sophia is Bisaya, so I don't know how they got along but they did. Instantly, like bestfriends. They were running, dancing and twirling. That's what so amazing about kids right? :)

Here's a peep on the wedding decors, so lovely.

Mommy/ yaya and Sophie

 Sophie and her Daddy/ Body Gaurd

I love love weddings... The feast, the colors and the kilig moments. Don't you?

Cge got to go na, with our top down BMW... (wish ko lang) hahahaha... Anyways, Sophia's already booked as a flower girl for next year. She has two booking already. I got to start dieting na, after the holidays, Sophia and I will be flower girls again. (waaaaah) Good Luck to me. 
Me to Sophia: "Practice practice practice walking on your own anak. Phuleeeeeeeez. Pretty please."
Congrats again Jettie and Lloydie...

Happy Holidays Everyone.



Mommy Jes said...

GOSH she's so pretty sis!!! manang mana sayu :) I remember nung first time dn mag abay ng mga kids ko...i am so HAPPY and EXCITED :P

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