Dec 26, 2011

3 Days of Daddy, Mommy and Sophia Just US time

We survived our Koronadal trip with just the three of us, minus Ate R. I was worried about this decision of not bringing Ate R with us since it's going to be a long trip from Gen San to Marbel (Koronadal) and we will be bringing bags plus Little S is super energetic already, unlike the very first trip we had last year where she was still 8 months old.

We went there to attend Jet and Lloyd's wedding, both Sophia and I are part of the entourage. II really asked hubby if he's sure about it and if he can handle dressing up Sophia who's going to be a first time flower girl.

And surprisingly he was so SURE. He answered me with a firm SURE. I asked again, he just stared at me... meaning SURE! (waaaaaaaah) he was so sure but I wasn't.

Why hubby is so sure? because the whole time we go out and bring Ate R with us, we ended up doing everything she's suppose to be doing like in the party we attended to recently and we ended up paying for more when we eat at the mall or for entrance fee of something. She's giving me headaches, and I hate it when I always call up her attention " Day oh si Sophia". If it's just easy to find another yaya, I'd do it in a split second but reality is, its so hard to trust somebody to take care of your most precious "possession" your child. So even if I whine and whine we are still keeping her because Sophia loves her and she's affectionate to our daughter too.

For awhile now, we go out just the three of us. But this was the first time we traveled. I tell you, we survived. And we had the greatest three days of JUST US time. 

I've never seen my little girl so happy, she was hugging me the whole time saying "mommy, aaaaahb (love) " and to his dad and to me again. She is such a sweet girl. Just making me more guilty for being a working mom. Even if I rush home everyday after work to spend time with her, and even after a dozen times of phone call a day just to check if she's ok, still I'm guilty for the times I'm not with her. Let me rephrase it, I'm not guilty for being a working mom because I work for her and I'm happy being a Dentist and even though I work I always take care and spend time with her, I'm guilty for the times I'm not around like if she bumps her head and wants some mommy loving, that I'm guilty about. (emo mommy moments)

On the lighter side, if sophia was happy, mommy and daddy were happier spending time together. It was really tiresome, Promise. As in my muscles were aching, I didn't mind chasing my little girl in the reception, I didn't care if I was already out of poise, I didn't care if I didn't carry a nice bag at the party, but I'm just too happy to feel it and I was carrying my very precious tot anyway.

I love taking her, bath, dressing her up, feeding her, talking to her was like talking to a three years old. I had the best conversations with her. She understands, promise. I tell her don't go down or you'll bump your head and she tells me "erful, (careful) mommy?". OO diba? She's only 1 year old and 8 months ha. My baby is amazing.

Hubby is amazing too. The best husband. The Best father goes to him. He is so hands on, I never worry if its only him and Sophia. He knows everything, from shower, diaper change, feeding, to storytelling.

We love every moment of that trip. Everything was in control and in place. According to Hubby, Sophia was even cleaner with just us. She was still energetic but very manageable.

The happiness we felt spending alone time with each other is priceless. With all that assessment, we are already planning for our trips next year. Excited Me. :)



anney said...

Cute nyo naman tingnan ni Sophia dun sa bitbit mo sya. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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