Dec 14, 2011

Dressing Up My Paper Bag: Shirt and Tie

I know I know... I got hooked with gift wrapping, paper bag making for gift giving. Last night I made shirt with tie paper bags for the Men, they loved the card I made for them last Father's Day, and I'm sure they will love the tie on their paper bags too.

Here is how I did it:

First you need a paper bag, you can have a store bought bag or you can make your own. Click here to see how I did mine.

At the top, fold half an inch

 Place a double sided tape on it, and put your half inch ribbon and paste. ( be sure to have enough ribbons for tying)

And then fold like in the picture below. Fold 2x

 You will come up with something like this.

Cut from one side about 1 and half inch  and then do the same with the other side.

 Then you will have something like this.


and again fold on the other side too.

Tie to form a necktie.

 Fold the top side at an angle to give your shirt a nice shoulder. Then paste. Do on both sides.

 There you have it. Simple and easy Shirt with Tie Gift bag.

It's almost Christmas and for us Roman Catholics, tomorrow is the start of Simbang Gabi. Let's all have a blessed and Merry Christmas.


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anney said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Ang cute! parang totoong naka necktie talaga yung reagalo. hehehe!

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