Dec 13, 2011


Every year around November to December sometimes it extends til February of the following year, Mactan Economic Processing Zone holds a trade fair in the Football field near Marina Mall. 

For this year, I only get to go yesterday lunch time upon my friends nonstop prying. Thanks to her I completed my "gifts to buy" and I was sooo happy with the things I bought. They were not only cheap they were also branded. You see, some imported goods come from MEPZ, yep made from Cebu and they are on super sale. 

Here are a few of what I got for gift giving:

Pearl Set for 100 pesos per set. And they are real pearls to. They have studs for 50 pesos. 

 This Calvin Klein bag can be use to hold your make ups or it can be a bag organizer. I love the colors too. And it's only for 100 pesos.

These are the other small bags I got. The bag with Zebra prints are for only 50 pesos. I might go back there within this week to buy some more because they are selling like hotcakes. I still want to buy the good ones. Plus I need a travelling bag for next weeks trip to Gen San. I saw Big bags that sells 250- 500 Pesos only. :)

 I even got jelly case for only 50 pesos and a screen protector for 50 pesos too. Today I'm getting some more for my cousins and some girlfriends.

Now, that  wasn't so hurtful to my wallet. :) I love good and cheap buys like this.

If you are from Cebu, go to Trade's fair you'll see a lot of goodies there from lamp shades, baby wear, kitchen stuffs, to anything. Cge na go go go. Who knows we might bump into each other. :)



Anonymous said...

hello! kailan po ba ung trade fair? meron n ba ngayon?

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am From negros occidental.. I want to go in cebu for that mepz fair.. is it starting now?

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