Dec 6, 2011

Paper Gift Bags

I love gift wrapping. It excites me. Receiving gifts and opening it excites me more. Nyaah...

Sometimes, I get myself volunteering to doing it for someone. And the easiest way I do it is by making gift bags/ paper bags, they are so easy to make. In fact, I've made a few, even before buying the actual gift to put inside and I find it very convenient when the need arise.

Yup I've started wrapping gifts for all the nice and slightly naughty people in our lives for Christmas...

Here's How I do it:


I got this Christmas wrapper from National Bookstore, i think its a set of 5 (I'm not sure though) . I cut it into four. So, this paper is actually the 1/4 size of it.

Turn the paper with the wrong side up and fold half an inch on one side. This is where we put the double sided tape on.

Fold the paper into half and paste.

 Fold 1 inch on both sides

 It should look like this by now.

The side now has 3 fold lines. Tuck in the middle fold, and give you this.

 Fold 2 inches at the bottom part. That will be the base of the bag.

 Here's how it looks side ways.

Open the bottom part and fold like the one in the pic below.

Whatever you do on one side, do it on the other side too.

Then fold this way. Follow the pic below.

Do on both side.


And close.

Now you have a paper bag. You can put string/ ribbon or leave it as is, put your goodies and seal.

I made 24 of these with different sizes for our Advent Calendar this year. I had so much fun doing it. 

I also used this to put the hand lotions I bought for the stuffs at the clinic. 

I got this 3 for 125 pesos only. :)

Instead of putting handles on the paper bags, I folded the top of the bag and punched 2 holes for the ribbons.

Do you have any wrapping ideas to share? Please do share. I love learning something new. :) 


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gigi123 said...

Nifty idea...I'd have to practice the bottom fold a bit lol

Jen said...

What a cute idea!

team blunt said...

this is a great way to make bags...thank you!

ixchel garcia said...

thank you sooo soo much, really i have been wanting to do these, but did not know how! :D you just made my day!

hilda dada said...

Good ideas! I like the way you express your idea and the topic you choose. KEep on your sharing! I appreciate it. gourmet packaging

Lalah said...

Thank you all so much for all your wonderful comments. It makes sharing ideas more fun. :)

Rae said...

When I learned how to do this, i can't stop. Nakaka-adik sya. I'm not good with arts and crafts kaya nung na-discover ko toh, feeling ko, talented na ako, haha.

filman santiago said...

That was just great! My wife also has hand in gift wrapping. One of the so many reason why I love her. LOL! But let me share this to her, surely this will give her more inspiration to continue doing also.


Salma Ashiq said...

I see your all the blog with all the comments too, looks nice i want to need some more details and designs too in here ....
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Mommy Maye said...

This is nice. Tamang taman magpapasko na naman. :)

Farida said...

Gifts are more appreciated when they are wrapped in a nice wrapper lalo na if handmade. Christmas nanaman... expenses, expenses but it is the merriest time of the year :)

January/Janzcrystalz said...

I think I'm good in making paper bag wrappers. I usually do this and I think I'll be making the same this week. hehehe.. Oh I love the wrapper's design.

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