Dec 17, 2011

Ten Things I love About Maury

The season has got me shuffling. Doing this and that, this and that... Right now, at this very moment, I  want to daydream about my husband. I miss him. 

No he's not away, he's just here but the busy season made me miss him. Like I said everyday I'm shuffling. And parties every week has just began making us too tired to have our usual long conversations. 

I got a text from him today, saying he's at work already and he misses me. I miss him too, can't wait for our Gen San trip on Monday.

Warning: This post will be a cheesy post. You are free to skip this post if you want. 

Ten Random Things I Love About Maury

1. Eyes
Those beautiful brown eyes. 
Now you know, that's what got me attracted to you the very first time we met. And I'm glad Sophia got her eyes from you.

2. Loving and Selfless
I'm so lucky to have you as my husband. You are a good provider and always put my needs and sophia's too before your own. 

3. Content
In this materialistic world, you have your own share of wants but I never did hear you complain of the lack of it. You are always contented and never jealous of others. Instead you work hard to earn what you have. You deserve all your achievements and more. 

4. Sporty
I love how you love sports, and I love seeing you play. Thanks for all the wonderful adventurous things we do and explore.

5. Musical
Not all sporty guys are good at music too. But you are. I love how you still Harana me with your guitar. I know, I still owe you a new nice one. I so love how talented you are and how you share your God given talents to others.

6. Humble
You always have your feet on the ground. Even with all the achievements you've attained for yourself, that never made you a Boast about it.  I'm proud you are like that.

7. Giver
The less fortunate people always have a soft spot in your heart. I love listening to your dreams of sponsoring children to attend school. Even at times when we only have enough for us, you always find ways to extend help.

8. Honest
You are the most honest person I know, that made it super easy for me to trust you.

9. Faithful and Committed 
To me. To our Marriage. To our family.
Thank you for loving and accepting me for who I am.

10. Great Husband and Great Dad
Before I met you, I prayed to God for a wonderful man. A man who is family oriented, responsible, honest and (at the back of my mind, crossing my fingers) and good looking. He gave me you.I'm the luckiest girl. 

I had the best dad. 
My wish for Sophia is to have no less than the best dad too. Someone she can count on, her hero, her defender, her friend. 
God gave Sophia you.

And because you are the man of my dreams, something really nice awaits you for Christmas because I love you and you deserve this.

Merry Merry Christmas Babe. :)


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