Jun 22, 2011

Shirt w/ Tie Father's Day Card

I had fun making this card for my Dad last Father's Day.

 Eversince I was little, I always love making cards and that hasn't changed. In fact I am determined to pass it on to my nephew kuya Icee and to "baby S" hehehehe... as a proof, I taught Kuya Icee how to make this card and he made 3 cards for his Kaka (my dad), his DADA of course, and Uncle Daddy Maury. 

aren't they gorgeous?

and since Lil S is still a baby, I made two cards for her to give it to daddy as soon as she learns to write...
here it is... hope she'll like it :)

kuya Icee and I got crazy, and made lotsa lotsa shirt and tie cards for Father's day....



Joy Mendiola said...

I like this olo card! I used to make letters like this when I was in high school, i think nalimutan ko na...thanks for this post, I'll teach my Julia about this.

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