Apr 22, 2012

{Sophia's 2nd Birthday} Sophie's Style: Birthday Photoshoot

1 week before Sophia's 2nd Birthday I scheduled her photoshoot so I can finalize her Tarpaulin and I needed a good quality picture to make her a standee.

We didn't hire a professional photographer I just took her pictures with hubby's DSLR. The photoshoot was chaotic, as in. Super Duper to the highest level. Little S had so much fun. Maybe too much fun making me run after her. She wouldn't stay still. As in. I kept telling her, "anak, we are running out of time". To no avail, she was running and laughing and I was still all chasing her.

In my mind, i kept telling myself  "Patience is a virtue"

But really who could get mad when she's all looking like this.

Sha sha sha....I decided to just had fun with her and took her pictures, snapshot after snapshot... 

Until finally she stood still and said, "Mommy, picture". O diba Bongga bebe ko. She takes her time talaga. hahahah...

Sophia is having a Tangled Birthday Party. I searched anywhere for Rapunzel gowns but there was just none. At the mall, they only have Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmin, even Ariel but wala si Rapunzel. Why why why? Diba Disney Princess din naman si Rapunzel?  It was really so depressing because 2 weeks isn't enough to customize Rapunzel's gown.

Luckily I found this gown by IHA in Ayala Cebu. It isn't really a Rapunzel Dress but it's purple and she looks pretty on it. That made it perfect for the D' Day

This is going to be her standee

this will make a good mini standee

I was planning to make Mini standees for her as well to add to the centerpieces I'm making for her birthday, here are other pictures I took from her in a span of 1 week.

We reused the gown she wore at her Tita Jet and Tito Lloyd's wedding. She just loves this gown. I love it too.

Sophie’s Style:

Purple Gown:  IHA
Shoes: Rustanette
Gown # 2: Flower Girl Dress from here

Happy Monday, you all. It's sooooooooooooo nice to be blogging again.



anney said...

Cute cute naman ni Sophia! I love both gowns parehong pretty!

aby said...

super cute! i love the dress! I want one. haha

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