Apr 26, 2012

Sophia's 2nd Best Day Ever Party: Castle Photobooth

Every princess deserves a nice castle.

If you've read my previous posts before, you now know now that our little girl is super into "Tangled' the movie. Thus the Birthday theme. Thus the making her a castle.

'Making', because we want to stick on our budget and besides, I like things handmade because they always represent labor of love plus the fact that I'm so into kuting things...

I made the standee, but I'll talk about it more in my next post and maybe a little 'how to' if time permits because it seems complicated to make but they are really fun and easy.

The Castle Photobooth, I give credits to hubby for taking time cutting out and making her princess a castle, knowing how busy he is, he managed to make time. That I call love :)


Maury made the photobooth 2 days before the party. We just made used of the carton from an old Ref, painted it some cartolinas, decorative papers and plastic plant decors the ones found in any home section of the department store. And lastly let's not forget Rapunzel's Golden hair made of crochet yarns. 

Even Kuya Icee helped out.

Sophia was there to supervise daddy the whole time. 

She adoring her even undone castle was such a joy.. I know we made her happy. I can see her eyes twinkle as she looks at it. And during the actual party, she bragged about it to everybody. 

She's just so adorable. 

The photo booth was a hit. The guests love it. But most importantly we made our little princess very happy with her castle.

Queen Lalah and princess Sophie

Have a blessed weekend you all. Stay Safe :)



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