Apr 18, 2012

Dong Juan

I've been away the blogsphere  for so long,  Boy, it's so nice to be back making a real post. :)

I mentioned last time that Lappy died on me right? And that's the reason I wasn't around. Well, She is not going to resurrect anymore as much as I want too. She's been with me for 4 long years and it's hard not to be emotionally attached to her. It feels so sad not to have her anymore. Anyways, before you think I'm weird I'll skip the whole drama and give you a delicious post for my come back. Weeeeeeeew!!! too many posts waiting to be published.

Have you been to Dong Juan?

The first time I tasted their Chorizo Pasta, I got hooked. The following weeks I can't stop craving for it. Seriously. Unlike me hubby is not a pasta person, good thing, Dong Juan serves super tasty burgers. And Hubby is a big fan of burgers. That gave me the reason to drag hubby to Dong Juan. I tell you he got hooked too...

So... we drag the two kids along. My nephew, Kuya I and our princess Little S. We went to the newly opened branch at the new mall Insular Square Mandaue City.

Their food is worth your money. As in sulit. A delicious meal that wont hurt our wallets.

As usual, I ordered Chorizo Pasta. I just can't get much of it. I'm super addicted to it. Even Maury, loved it.

Chorizo Pasta P99.

And of course, Mr burger ordered double Cheese burger.

Kuya I, had Cheese Burger. Yesterday , he just told me we have to go back. According to him "That's the best burger I have ever tasted"

Cheeseburger 119
 Little S munched on their fries...

We all had the famous lemon Ice tea in their unique bottles. It looks so cute, I wanna bring the bottle home heheheh....

Boy the food was so good, I'm thinking of going back there today already. This is another personal fave food joint of mine. 

I'm giving it two thumbs up.... But don't just take my word for it... Go and try it out for yourself.

Phoebe Carla

Dong Juan Branches:

Dong Juan Guadalupe (Main Branch)
Dong Juan Persimmon Mabolo
Dong Juan One Mango Avenue
Dong Juan A.S Fortuna
Dong Juan Insular Square
Dong Juan Crossroads

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anney said...

Yummy naman! Ako mahilig din sa pasta!

rona said...

Oh my! Speaking of pasta, I and my hubby love them too! Haven't tasted that chorizo yet though. Matikman nga. Hanap Ako branch Nyan dito. Anyway, we missed you dokie! How have you been? And oh, just buy a new Lappy na lang. Para di ka na sad. Ok then, just laugh it out here: www.athomeakodito.blogspot.com

Check my new crazy post as usual haha. See ya!

wifetoalineman02 said...

yay! for Dong Juan resto :-) we love burgers too Sis, the comfort foods :-) it looks like the family had a blast and beautiful family too :-) Dropping by from Happiness Is...Sis, btw, I followed your NetworkedBlogs, can you please do the same...Thanks...


Mel C. said...

chorizo pasta? MMMMM!!! love to see happy and bonding families. :) visiting from happiness is...

Adin B said...

Looks like one great place to dine in. :) The food looks good. Sorry about what happened. Hope you feel better. :)

Visiting late via Happiness Is.

joy said...

Visiting from happiness is: You have such a wondeful family!

Leah H. said...

Money isn't but your satisfaction is:)

Visiting late for Happiness- hope you can stop by:)


Jo-Ann @Food Wanderings In Asia said...

Hi Phoebe!
We were schoolmates in CIC (don't know if you remember me) and wow, I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog on google. It's great to find another blogger that I actually know in real life. :)

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