Jan 9, 2012

My Personal Goal for 2012

I'm not good with resolutions,but  I'm better with goals. This year I wanna rock 2012, this time lesser  procrastinating, I've already done a lot of that for the past years. Me and hubby have set our Family goals, you can read about it here, now it's time I set mine.

Here are my goals, they are not really something extra ordinary, but some of these things I've neglected for so long. Let's see how much of these I would be able to accomplish.

1. Love myself more.
small goals:
  • get myself a "me time" (shopping, spa, manis and pedis) - lets start with once a month then maybe go once a week.
2. Be healthy and fit.
small goals: 
  • Lose 20 pounds in a healthy and natural way. Like no diet coffee or pill or anything. 
  •  Eat and read about nutritious food.
  • Exercise. As in Physical exercise. I want to lose 
2.  Be the best Wife and Mommy
small goals:
  • spend more time with Sophia and Maury. Sundays are always family day to us. 
  • Tell them how much I love them everyday. This is very easy to do. In fact I think I've been doing this the whole time.
3.  Be more organize.
4.  Learn how to cook and sew. This things always interest me but never really get the courage to do it.
5. Craft more. Because it makes me happy.

And lastly, I need to be consistent.

2012 is going to be great and I can feel it to my bones :) That if the world isn't going to end... pfffft! heheheh... Actually I think good times are just starting to happen.



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