Jan 10, 2012

I love to Craft

I love to craft, that's no secret to the people who knows me well. There is something about creating beautiful things from scratch that made me love doing it. I love the "wow" effect it does on people after seeing my creations but most importantly I love the effect it gives me seeing the things I made, There's satisfaction. There's fulfillment.

I don't have any tutorials today but I'm going to show you the things I made from the past. 

This is a diaper cake and a Bib Card, I made for my friend Joanne who was pregnant at that time with my goddaughter Carel. Now, Carel is 3. Now I gained quite a lot of pounds too. 

Pocket card Holder for my friend Jerilee's birthday and engagement party. Back 2008 

CD holder. I made this personal CD holder to hold my wedding and prenuptial video.

I found those pics in my flickr account, which I've totally forgot about. When I saw it, my heart skipped a bit.

This year, I want to craft more. Because it makes me happy. Hopefully I can find time to squeeze it in my busy sched. Hopefully I can show you my other crafts from the past and hopefully I can find time to make tutorials too.



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