Jan 7, 2012

Our Family Goals for 2012

Last weekend,  Hubby and I sat down and had a talk about our family, career and personal goals. We have been like this since the start of our marriage, we believe that it takes time to plan a family, and that we make sure we are moving in the same direction. Making each other know about our career and personal goals makes us more understanding and supportive of each other.

Here's our family goal for 2012:

1. We want God to be the Center of our lives.
small goals- Praying together. Giving back to the community, going to church every Sunday and on days of Obligation. Bringing Sophia with us even if it means chasing her all the time, until she gets used to behaving properly during mass.
2. To raise our financial funds. " Simplify and Create Abundance" borrowed from Bo Sanchez. That's what best describe our second goal.
small goals: Learn about money. Tithe. Look for another stream of income so we can provide our needs and be of help to others.
3. To move in our new house. This has a lot to do with goal # 2. Hopefully moving to our new house will be realized this year.

4. Set twice a week Me and Hubby dates. Every week family special day. And two out of town trips. We are strong about making this a tradition, so that we will have many fond memories of our family.

Those are the big ones and the most prioritized ones. The other not so major goals will eventually follow.

We have a notebook where we write our Family goals. And everyday, we make it a point to read it. And pray that God will give these to us.


Jona said...

Exciting naman mga goals nyo for this year. Esp the twice a week date and the moving in. Once a week is what's achievable for me and hubby.

It's very inspiring to hear people who are serious about making their goals happen. I salute you. Consistency is always a problem with me.

It's right, we need to pray and ask God for guidance about our goals and plans in life.

Thanks for sharing and for joining Sweet Saturday once again, Lalah :)


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