Dec 21, 2011

Sophie's Style: In Black Ruffled Pair

We just arrived Cebu from our 3 days 2 nights Gen San trip to attend my friend's wedding. Sophia and I were part of the entourage. The wedding was super uber nice. And Sophie's gown was super super adorable. She was so pretty wearing it. Can't wait to show you guys I'm just waiting for the photos to come.

This is what Sophia wore today at the airport.

While Sophia and I were waiting for Maury to get our bags, this little girl was busy looking for her favorite hello kitty bag inside my big paper bag. I asked her what she's doing, she just said "bag mommy bag" and run to the nearest carousel.

This is what I saw.

My little girl placed her bag at the carousel and pretended to wait  for her bag like everyone else... hahaha 

She's too cute for me not to take pictures. My golly my baby is really getting big fast and I thank God for cameras, instant mommy documentation. :) 


Sophia's Terno: Babies and Hairbows
Shoes: Crocs

Happy dressing your babies Mommies :) It's so nice to be home and blogging again.



happy caity said...

kids grow too fast no? comfy attire for the trip. :)

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