Jul 27, 2011

Love Notes for Sophia: Beautiful Brown Eyes

Now as you grow, you look more and more like me. :)

That puts a big grin in my face since I remembered how there was no resemblance of you and me when you were still very little, how you look so much like your daddy, he brags about it the whole time. Who's bragging now? hehehe.

They say a baby's face will continue to change a few times, I'm not sure if its even true, but it doesn't really matter who you will end up looking like because I'm sure you will still be the prettiest baby girl alive. :) But I'm glad you got your daddy's eyes. He got me with his brown eyes :)

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I say it's true.

So prettypie, use those beautiful brown eyes of yours to see the world's real beauty. Don't get fooled by the fancy mask its wearing. If you see beauty from the outside, look deeper on whats inside because real beauty is the kind that lasts forever, the one that doesn't tarnish in time.


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Vhen said...

love your post!

and pretty brown eyes :)

visiting from TB!




hope you can stop by also, thanks!

Have a great day!

imriz said...

agree, bright and beautiful brown eyes....such a treasure:)

Jenn said...

Ang ganda ng eyes!

Hopping from Thursday Brownies.

Cielo of Brownpinay said...

Ang pretty naman ng baby dito...the innocence in her eyes really shows..pictures like this is priceless

Visiting from TB, I am entry no 1.

cheerful said...

beautiful eyes, lovely little girl...visiting from Thursday Brownies and wishing you a great weekend! :)

Ate K said...

She's really cute. New follower here po. Visiting from TBrownies.

Mirage said...

Beautiful, expressive, round, brown eyes...
-late visit from brownies...

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