Nov 21, 2011

Singapore Escapade Day 1: Celebrating Jerilee's Bday with Style

This is my first post about the Singapore trip Me, Hubby and my girlfriends with their hubbies had last Month. My girls and I, have been friends for a decade now. Hoooray to us! :)

It was a spur of the moment kind of trip, Jerilee and Melissa our two very generous girlfriends who are working in SG already made the booking for us last June because according to them if nobody's gonna do it, then it's not going to happen. And I couldn't agree more. hehehehehe. All we needed to do was pay them... very convenient, right? More convenient because our Itinerary and budget has been made already by the very very organized Jerilee. Too bad Teeny wasn't able to join us because she's as far as OHIO and Serene because she's new to her job and couldn't make a leave ... BOOO YOU Both!!!   
BUT because I love you guys, this is for you Coy and Boi. From Me with love. :)

Anyways, back to the trip. This is our Official "we just got here" picture. At Changi airport October 13 around 11+ pm.
We went straight to Jerilee's place to stay for a night. And since it's past midnight, she's officially 30 years old. And she deserves a manyanita from us, straight from Cebu Philippines. :)
As usual, I was the first one to wake up the day after. Took photos of the place and realized, I haven't seen a single detached house. All there is, are towering buildings.

People living in buildings. 

It made me think, I wouldn't be able to live here and raise kids. Don't get me wrong, I love Singapore and i love how clean and disciplined the people are, but I'm a lay back kind of person. Who wants to run around the backyard, climbing on trees and play with mud kind of gal. And I want Sophia to experience all of that too.

Jerilee and John's neighbors at AMK
After Brunch at AMK mall we were off to

We were carrying our trollies from Ang Mio Kio which is relatively far from Marina Bay. But we didn't mind at all. We were all excited to go to MBS. :) So off to MTR and Bus Riding.
After the long trip we finally checked in at Marina Bay Sands. And we never want to get out of there. Ever. Staying there is vacation on it's own.

view from our room

at Sand's Sky Park
Hubby loves boats
Here's a pic of us girls and the whole gang. 
We were suppose to swim at their infinity pool that night but since it was Jerilee's birthday and we were running late for our dinner reservation, we decided to skip it and swim first thing in the morning. ( that would be on my next pose)
Us girls with the birthday celebrant
Instead we went to dinner, walked around Marina Bay, on to helix bridge back to the hotel. 
dinner at Acacia. Jerilee's treat :)


waiting for Marina Bay Sands' very own water show

Some of the girls went to the casino curious about how it looks and the 'feel'. I went straight back to the room  because my feet were screaming at me. The night ended up with tequila and lots of band-aid for my achy but happy feet. :)



Batangala said...

i wish my wife and i can also have our own us time. ever since our first out of town trip since our daughter's birth, we always tag her along. our first trip was in baguio when she was just a little over a year old.

one of our motto is "a family that travels together, stays together" ha ha ha

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