Aug 25, 2011

My Girlfriends

I miss them.

Must be the rain.

Must be because we got to hang out last weekend, when Melissa came home to celebrate her niece Bella's 2nd birthday . As always, I had a blast. We all did. It was chaotically fun. I have never laughed the same way I did, for quite a long time. Now Melissa is back to SG leaving us (Joanne, Cyndril, Thelma and Serene) here in Cebu feeling this way.

Our friendship have come a long way. They are my longest, consistent, true friends. I've known them for almost half my life. Name any situations about friendships and I bet you we've been there and we've surpassed it all. We are tested and proven genuine.

High school (dance club)

I love my girlfriends. Why?

Because of the fact, that I am an only daughter and having 9 sisters I can relate to and have girl talks, is such a blessing.

Because we've known each other for too long and we know exactly what each are thinking and could even finish each other's sentences.

Because they go rushing whenever I'm in trouble, giving help even if I stubbornly push me away ( happened before). They always stick around when the going gets tough.

Because they love me for who I am.

Because I can be my crazy self around them, with no pretensions, no judging, no demands.

Because even with our differences, we've learn to accept and compliment each other.

And I can go on and on and write about why I love them, but most importantly I love them because they are the family I made for myself. They are my lifeline.

Responsibilities, chasing dreams, changing status- "growing up", makes it hard for us to meet as often as we like but it doesn't stop us from supporting each other. Things and people change but we know we are constant to each others lives.

the only picture of us (complete)

the party is getting bigger and happier
Our kids? They will be good friends too. :)

So looking forward to our October trip. See you Girlfriends. :)



chubskulit said...

Oh that is the kind of friends that is worth keeping for. I miss my true friends there in Pinas too. Over here, it's hard to trust because just thing that you can't do for them, they turn their back against you. Pretty shallow eh? I am happy for you Lal. Hope I could see my friends often.. That's one sacrifice when you're leaving far from home. Thanks for joining Lal.

Mama Vernz Theory said...

awww... that's sweet... good for you you have lotssa friends ... keep them and treasure them :)

dropping for nostalgia :)

Mel Cole said...

wow, you came from a family of 9 girls? i envy you :) your girl friends are amazing and so are you. very inspiring to have genuine friendships like that.

anne said...

wow super cute naman ng post na ito yay I miss my friends, sigh! Mine is up and its here thanks Mary Anne’s Musings

Chris said...

it is great to have found true friends... life is more meaningful with them around!

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