Nov 20, 2011

Weekly snippets: Two whole days of QT

"Family always comes first, second to God of course, And every week, I'll save a day to share about our week. I know someday Little S will thank me for this one.And I know someday I will love myself for making this one. You are always welcome to come and visit. And maybe drop some love along the way"  :)

Yes! two days of Family Time. Me, Hubby and Sophia. (no yaya) just us. 

Our little girl is too much to handle. I wonder how Ate Ramie (yaya) does it, she's with her most of the time since we are working parents. Kudos to her patience. Yesterday made me realize that Sophia is already acting in her "Terrible twos" even if she's just 1 year and 7 months old. We went to Auntie Vikay's house yesterday for lunch, Pia was all over the place, going up and down the stairs, she won't even want us to hold her. I'm telling you Vases, and authentic vases are everywhere because my Aunt is collecting them. Forget about poise! I was screaming and running all sweaty after her. My gesh! Mga gengs... I have to work my arms off in the dental clinic to pay for those vases, if ever she breaks even just one of it. (Knocks on the wood).

They say your baby will act twice as you did when you were in that age. Hubby stared at me. O cge, Me! blame it on me. I looked at my mom, "Really?" She gave me a sarcastic smile and eyebrows rising in approval. hahay...

But I love Sophia and she is my princess forever. I just hope this phase will be fast. I will take plenty of pictures of her so when she will have a baby as kulit as her, I will show her pics when it’s her turn to ask. Hahahaha....

Even though Pia made me snore last night, I love her to pieces. And as I write this I'm already missing her. I pray another two days of quality time with my family. 



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