Nov 24, 2011

No Cook: Mango Float

This is my third recipe for my 'No Cook' series. A challenge I made for myself, just to give me a little push on pursuing my dream as a cooking mama. Really? (hahaha...)

So here goes, my personal all time favorite, making it easy and enjoyable for me to do. Because Ahluvit!!!!


Here are the INGREDIENTS I used:

This is my friend's recipe. Thanks Ann Hamoy for supporting me on this cooking project of mine.

Graham Crackers- I only used up One pack of it.
Crushed Graham 
3 mangoes
1 pint mango ice cream 
300 ml condensed milk 
All purpose Cream

What I love about making this, is that it's so easy to make. 

Simple as 1-2-3 :)


First you have to mix: All Purpose Cream, Condense Milk and the Ice Cream into a bowl.

Then start making layers.

ONE. Graham crackers

TWO. Mangoes

THREE. Cream

Again... Graham.... Mangoes... Cream.... 
See? one two three. :)

At the topmost is where you put the crushed Graham and your done.

But since I have more mangoes left I placed it on top. I think it made it looked yummier. :)


But the true test if I was successful is the judgement of my two critics. My nephew Kuya Icee and my princess Sophie. Two very picky eaters. 

By the looks of it, I think it was a success. I even can't stop eating it myself... Even hubby wants more too. I was soooo happy to see them enjoying what I made. 

If I did it any one can. Promise. As in PROMISE!

If you have an easy no cook recipe, please share it with me. And I love some tips too. 
Please. Pretty please?


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Chie said...

yummy!that kids can tell for they look like they were enjoying it

Have a nice Friday! I hope you could visit over at my blog and have a slice of Cafe's Isabel's BananaCake

kat-in-the-kitchen said...

Fave yan ng mga anak ko..hehe Visiting from FTF. Hope to see you at my blog.

♥FoodTripFriday♥ said...

I think I want to try this one!Thanks for posting.

wifetoalineman02 said...

yum...looks delish, am drooling too :-) I have never try this mango float, cannot wait to make it. Dropping some love for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too.

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