Nov 27, 2011


I miss my Tazzie...
She is the only real pet I had. When hubby was sent to Japan for a training sometime in August 2008, my dad gave me a pet so I can divert missing hubby to tendering a puppy. It was one of the greatest gift my daddy has given me.

Its been over a year now since she's gone. Oh how I miss her so.

My Tazzie,  you are my first baby. My bestfriend. My first pet. Beacause of you, I have conquered my fear for dogs and any furry animals alike. I never thought I could even touch such things... but I was holding you, hugging you, kissing you... loving you.

I'm not sure if there is a heaven for dogs... If there is, of course you are there together with other loyal loving pets. Because you were my angel, you made me see and experience things I thought were ridiculous before, like how could someone cry over a pet's pain or worry about their food, immunizations and all...  and yet, I even hand sew you a shirt! :) I miss you, I will forever do.

I love you Tazzie... 

Me and Tazzie 2008



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