Sep 25, 2011

Weekly Snippets: Such a sore week

"Family always comes first, second to God of course, And every week, I'll save a day to share about our week. I know someday Little S will thank me for this one.And I know someday I will love myself for making this one. You are always welcome to come and visit. And maybe drop some love along the way"  :)

Sophia got contaminated with sore eyes last week, I wished it was me who got the virus instead of her, as a mother it's hard to see your child being sick. And viola, days after... wish granted. (be careful what you wish for, it might just come true)

Piskat! Piskot!

If you're Bisaya, you'd get what I mean. But if not, Piskat means sore eyes. Piskot is a Bisaya expression for, "my gosh" or something like that.  "My gosh, I got sore eyes". On the brighter side, my little girl is okey now, and seeing her beautiful eyes free from the virus is something to be thankful for. Now, praying that I'd get better really soon and praying that it won't infect hubby and everybody in the house.

Thankfully also, we got to party again last wednesday, if not we would have had such a boring week. My godson, Liam turned 1. :)

Bonus this week, Little S can now sing Rainbow Connection and Rock a bye baby... in her very own version of course.

"na na na na MANY, tongs bout Abow, na na na Aside, Abow Asion, na na Asion"
(why are there so many, songs about rainbow, whats on the other side, rainbows have vision but only illusion...."

She really knows how to brighten my day. Despite the Sore Eyes, at least I have the cutest adorable baby I could be thankful for.

Hoping for a wonderful week ahead... Sore eyes, please go go  far far away.



Mommy Jes said...

wahahahah aso cute ng song!! i can imagine the voice and how she sings it hehehehe so cute!!! NIce anman ng party! Thanks for sharing sis!!

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