Sep 19, 2011

Weekly Snippets: Our so-so week

"Family always comes first, second to God of course, And every week, I'll save a day to share about our week. I know someday Little S will thank me for this one.And I know someday I will love myself for making this one. You are always welcome to come and visit. And maybe drop some love along the way"  :)

This week is a "so so" week for us.

Little S is having sore eyes, plus she's also teething.

And another reason for the "so so" week is that, Me and the hubby were not getting along. I don't know if the problem is really us (me and him) or just me and my PMS. He irritates me lately. I gave him the cold treatment and he didn't even noticed, he was still doing the usual sweety things, and I got irritated more.

Why was I mad again? I forgot. I don't even know why. lol

My very observant mom asked me, are you pregnant? Whaaaaaaaaaat? Me?
Could I be bearing baby # 2? hmmmmm...

Anyways, last thursday night we went to the groceries again doing errands. This has become Little S favorite errand. The pushing, riding and putting things in the cart that is. Every sales boy and ladies know her now.

Happy Cart Rider

water lover
  If there is one thing predictable about us. Everytime we go out we always dine out. It's like some sort of an SOP. :) This time we went to Dimsum Break and had our fave Chinese Food :)

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Mommy Jes said...

hi sis..hehehe buti k nga so-so ...kame ay so malas :)) ahahahhaa super tawa ko ng twa nalng sa kamalasan eh :)) nweis check if you are preggy hehehe there's this time 5 mos panganay ko hubby was in finland that time, sa mama ko nmn ako inis n inis kasisya kasama ko nag aalaga sa baby ko si ISHI....galit n galit ako pag matuutlog na inside the room...sbai ko lagi ang baho ng mama ko :)) tpos pag naglalaba naiinis ako ang baho ng sabon...naiirita ako tpos iyak ako ng iyak kasi namimiss ko asawa ko ahahhah tpos alam mo BUNTIS ako!! iniwanan ako ng PUNLA bwahahhahah!!! :)) so check it sis! :)

Jona said...

ako rin ganyan sa asawa ko pag malapit na magkaron or pg start ng menstruation. if not sa mga anak ko naman haha :D kawawa naman nakakainis pa parang manhid ang man of the house...pero i try to control my emotions na kasi di nakakabuti :)
cute ng girly mo :)
our Family Time

raya said...

what a fun bonding.. and I so love your food! I am drooling right now!! ;)
visiting you late via FT.. hope you could drop by mine!

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