Sep 24, 2011

Sore Eyes... Please go away!!!

Thankfully Sophia’s eyes are getting better now… No more sore eyes, the culprit of our “so-so week” last week.
Unfortunately my eyes are not…
Piskat Piskot Piskat!
The other day, I went home from work with a bad headache, I thought it was just part of PMS. But when I woke up yesterday having a hard time opening my left eye. Because my eyelids were stuck together with watery discharges, I knew I have SORE EYES, piskat in Bisaya, Conjunctivitis in medical term, that means swelling of the thin covering of the eyeball and inner eyelid. True enough, when I check myself in the mirror, I see myself ready for trick or treating… Swollen, red, burning and painful eyes.
Like all mothers, I prayed to God to take away the virus from Sophia and to give it to me instead. Because I can endure it better. That prayer was answered and I now have an infected left eye. throat and lymph glands are sore as well. It feels like something sharp is poking my ear.
My realization, “be careful what you wish for, it might just come true”. Lol
And because I’m already infected all I can do is treat it. Prevent it from infecting hubby and the rest of the family and prevent Sophia from re-infection.
The only thing I can do to take vengeance to this highly contagious viral infection is to blog about it and hopefully this post will be of help to anyone who’d stumble on this post.
·         Spreads by eye to hand to eye contact
·         Runny nose or cough
·         Or when people come in contact w/ a contaminated object.
·         The best and the cheapest way there is, and the most neglected way is by washing your hands frequently and thoroughly w/ soap and water.
·         Never rub your eyes with a dirty hand.
·         No sharing of towels, sunglasses, make up or anything that may lead to transfer of infection
·         Disinfect common surfaces with diluted bleach solutions: door knobs, counter, etc.
·         Seek medical attention. See your Optometrist or Opthalmologist.
·         Apply warm compress to your eyes for 5-10 mins 3 times a day to relieve discomfort.


anney said...

Sana gumaling na ang sore eyes mo!Buti namn gumaling agad yung sa baby mo. Mas mahirap pag ang bata ang nagka eye infection.

Anonymous said...

got any concern about your family's eye health? you can ask questions via this facebook page

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