Sep 22, 2011

My Happy Grocery Cart Rider

I was in the middle of organizing my folders when I and found this.

A picture of hubby and our adorable 6 months old baby girl, Little S.

At 6 months, she can already sit on her own. I'm quite amazed by how strong she is. Most of my friend's babies her age and some older started sitting like that by 9 months. So at that early age she has been enjoying the cart ride,and became my grocery buddy and for the obvious reason that trips to the groceries are always and have become all about her...

12 months after... At 17 months, she still loves going to the groceries with us. Still enjoys the Cart ride, except for minor changes, like daddy pushing from the back so he won't block her view. And from time to time she gets out of her ride and grab whatever gets her attention and sometimes she wants to push the cart and mind you she gets mad if you ever help her.

Here's one last view of how my once upon a time cute as a button baby girl who just sits still until mommy finshes her grocery list . To a still cute as a button baby girl who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to demand it. lol

Anyhow, mommy loves you just the same, my fave grocery buddy :)




chubskulit said...

Time flies! She's like my daughter Lalah, mine sat up for the first time when she was five then tuloy tuloy na yun. Lovely family pics. Thanks for joining.

Kim, USA said...

That is so cute. I remember my pamangkins love to ride the cart too.

Nostalgic Marveling

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