Aug 5, 2011

Errand Time turned Family Time

It was like 5 days ago when I went to the groceries to buy Milk for Little S. When I came home from work, Ate Ramie ( nanny) told me " wala na NAN 3" there's no more... Whaaaaaaat??? that didn't even gave me time to save for a pedicure, the one I've been planning for weeks... I'm not complaining. Really. I'm not. But it makes me want to work more (more decayed tooth please). On the lighter side, at least Little S drinks milk and she is very healthy. Anything for our "badedeng".

After work is always family time. We don't want to miss Little S growing up. We want to be hands on parents despite being working parents too...We won't compromise our family time even with this errand. So, I waited for hubby to get home so we could buy milk. And of course Little S came along, and had our family time at the grocery store... :)

It was only when we got there, when I noticed, the two loves of my life were wearing purple... :) They look pretty in purple... hehehe :) This is my original fave color and now I'm sure it's theirs too...

We bumped into few fave folks... Uncle Eddie, Mama Yoy and Friend Stephanie. Of course I was too everwhelmed and took some shots :)

Then headed to KFC...

I have been craving for KFC for a week now and FINALLY!!!!

All ready to make her order

She grabbed a "pop" at the grocery cashier while I was paying for the goods.

 Mushroom Soup. Yum!

 We all had a great Night!

And had such a good time.  Look at Little S' "I don't wanna go Home" Face.. lol

Phoebe Carla

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