Jul 23, 2012

Zero Calorie Drink



They say that one of the cheapest and healthiest way to lose weight is by drinking more water everyday. It was quite a shock when I first heard about it, because I was expecting a more complicated answer but water. But after reading articles, and after trying it out for myself here's what I learned about water and weight loss:

  1. Substituting your high caloric drinks to water, saves you the extra calories to lose. With that little healthy change, pays a big benefit to your health and to your overall weight loss. 
  2. Drinking more water helps detoxify your body.  Burning calories creates toxins, water flushes them out. Drinking water keeps you hydrated which is important in fat-burning process too.
  3. Drinking more means eating less because it gives you the feeling full more quickly.

To be completely honest here, drinking water for me is such a challenge. I never liked drinking water but because I am all about changing to a better healthier lifestyle so I'm giving it a go go. My tips and tricks:

  1. Set an alarm on your phone telling you to drink a glass of water with 2 hours interval. Until it becomes automatic. 
  2. always carry cute water tumblers anywhere you go, in that way it makes it easier to remember and very accessible.
  3. Drink a glass of water  
  • after you wake up and before you sleep
  • before and after showers
  • before, in the middle and after meals

I researched about drinks with their caloric counts and here's what I got. 

Drinks Serving Size              Calories
Beer  1 Pint/568ml 182
Smoothie, Strawberries & Bananas, Innocent 1 Bottle/250ml 143
Cola, Coke, Coca-Cola 1 Can/330ml 142
Juice, Orange, with Bits, Tropicana 1 Bottle/330ml 141
Juice Drink, J20, Orange & Passion Fruit, Britvic 1 Bottle/275ml 132
Diet Coke 1 Serving/275ml 52
Chocolate Drink, Dry, Cadbury 1 Sachet/10g 37
Coffee, Infusion, Average, With Semi Skimmed Milk 1 Cup/220ml 14
Tea, Earl Gray, Infusion With Water 1 Mug/250ml 3
Water, Mineral or Tap 1 Glass/250ml 0
Source here.

Wouldn't you say, the healthiest drink by far is WATER, the perfect zero calorie drink...

How much water do you drink everyday?

Lets all stay healthy.



The Pepperrific Life said...

I've stopped drinking carbonated drinks a long time ago, and have never looked back. I find myself drinking more water now. I feel full without feeling heavy. It's a feel-good drink :)

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