Jul 15, 2012


I am having second thoughts of posting my progress with my BSB Project  this week because for one, I braved myself to the weighing scale earlier this morning and I'm still 120 lbs. What do I expect? I really didn't do anything to bring the scale down. But I would be cheating if I don't document this so pounds gain or loss rest assured you will be reading it here.

Here's  the scenario, our family (daddy's side) is having a reunion. 2 weeks ago cousins and aunts from Australia arrived and last week cousins from Canada and USA are already here. This family of ours are fan of great food. By great food I mean fatty and sweet. Did I tell you that they will be here until August. Yeah... And we made our itinerary last night at Starbucks over Fraps and cheescake (it was so good). And on our itinerary, there's a lot of partying and out of town trips involve.... Agh.... I knew it won't be easy to lose weight but I never thought it would be this hard.

Good Luck to me.

But you know, I'm not going to restrict myself for the coming days. I am still going to have a good time with my family. I am so glad we finally had this reunion realized it's been too long. So, If I happen to eat guilty foods I promise to forgive myself. But I am still dedicated to this project so in order to achieve both, I am going to compromise.

What's the plan? Baby steps.... I made only two plans for this week because I want to be realistic with the situation, you know what I mean?

For this week:
  • Water and coffee.I will drink nothing but water and coffee. I'm sorry I just can't let go of coffee. It's too hard but I will limit my cups to 2 or 3 max. Definitely no more sodas for me. I will drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. 
  • 30 mins Walk. And because of the feast we are having, I'm going to walk for 30 minutes a day to get rid of the calories.

Those are my baby steps for this week. Small, realistic and very achievable steps. And for my progress report this week. I didn't lose any pounds but not gaining any is something I am happy too.

I'm still keeping my will power.

Let's all stay healthy.



alekhya bizconn said...

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Aileen said...

Those baby steps will go a long way...just keep at it and you will get results, maybe not immediately but easy does it. That's what I do also. :-)

Pepper Tan said...

Yes, baby steps will get you there. Stay healthy. Don't deprive yourself of all the yummy food when your relatives get here. You can always walk the excess fat off :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there. If you do really have probs with drastically gaining weight, I suggest go for cleansing foods the day after your binge. You don't have to limit or avoid anything, just have some a bowl of mung bean soup so you can flush whatever evil you ingested on the day of temptation. Munggo is my new laxative and colon cleansing food these days, I eat it by itself or paired with rice or incorporated with other meals. The key to weight gain prevention is not by starving or limiting foods but adding in the right ones to maintain a fast metabolism, apart from a decent exercise.

Kriz said...

I agree with you! Those are simple but realistic goals for the week. Me din, I have a hard time avoiding coffee. But it's not really a problem cause coffee has health benefits too.

Good Luck! :)

Bryan Bonifacio said...

Goodluck to your project, Enjoy while you burn calories :)


MsKatrina said...

I like the idea of baby steps. I don't care so much about how much I weigh but I would like to flatten my stomach.

I am trying to drink more water and do at least 50 sit ups a day.

Paula said...

Maybe coffee can make you full too so you won't eat that much. heed
Me, I drink tea naman.

Gelo said...

It's good that you are organizing / planning your activities/tasks ahead of time :))

Genefaith Saratorio said...

family reunion isn't complete with yummy food...I understand your situation bec. I gave up my diet when we have family reunion too and now I'm trying once again to lose the fats I acquired which I'm not yet successful:)

I love coffee too but I limit myself for only 2- one in the morning and 1 in the evening.

Dominique@Dominique's Desk said...

Hope that you reach your goal weight in time to come. I too have hit the plateau a few times and it takes a while to kickstart myself again . hopefully I will be able to get to the ideal weight by year end.

Jhari said...

Having balikbayan relatives is really fun. Food, shopping and road trips kasama talaga sa list. Have fun sis. Forget the diet for the meantime, hehehe!

rachelle said...

temptations everywhere! good luck on your baby steps. hehe.. but it is good to see relatives from all over the world together, right?

nelsonRN said...

Good luck on the BSB project, Phoebe Carla! If I were on your shoes, I would also not let my diet restrictions ruin my family reunion! Have fun!

Ethelyn said...

You can do it, sis! Just need a mindset and discipline. :)

Adventures on Planet Mom said...

good luck. there will be a lot of temptations around for sure but sometimes you just gotta stick to your plans. :)

Lady Spring said...

Oh how the universe plays tricks on us noh?
It's your Diet week then all of a sudden there are parties to attend, free food, etc., XD

You can do it! Also add ko lang. Eat on a small plate para subconsciously your mind thinks you've eaten enough.

I'm going on a water & coffee diet too :3 Trying to stay away from Soda. We should totally make a Soda anonymous club! *lol*

Michelle Villarta-Cabanas said...

That sounds like a lot of feasting in the next coming days. As long as you have the determination and the will power then you'll sure be back on track of your weight loss project. :-)


Rae said...

I can't give up coffee too. :(

I'm trying. Right now we're in the same 'diet' of water and coffee only. So far so good.

Olga said...

Slow and steady wins the race. :D Do take those baby steps and for sure you'll eventually reach your goal.

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