Jul 24, 2012

Diaper Card

We threw Jerilee a baby shower 2 weeks ago and we had so much fun even if it was just the four of us girlfriends left here in Cebu. I will make a separate post about where we went and how much fun we had that night, for the meantime let me show you the diaper card I made for her.

Isn't it lovely? I so love how it turned out, it's just so adorable. When I handed it out to the celebrant she was so happy to receive it. It looks overwhelming but trust me its so easy to do. 

  1. Print out this template, trace and cut it  in a nice A3 paper.
  2. When your done, embellish the card as how you want it to look like. Ideas are endless, there are just too many, just go and play with your imagination. It should be fun
Easy peasy isn't it? 

I just added 4 cards inside so that my friends could write their best wishes too,even the ones who are far away. I asked what their messages are through FB and I wrote it down for them. Here's how the inserts look like.

Go try it, make one for your friend who's giving birth soon or who just gave birth or even to your friends kid's birthday.

Let's, make the world pretty. Have a nice day all. :)


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Mommy Maye said...

Now one! I love DIYs also. Thanks for sharing.

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