Jun 11, 2012

Spring Park Mountain Resort

Before the rainy season began we made a last hirit trip to Springpark Mountain Resort to have a last hurrrah for summer. Truth be told, I guess this was the only summer fun we had with Mr Sun. Life caught with all the summer planning, we were crazy busy. I was busy with two weddings, coordinating those events is tedious plus the fact that I work full time, whatever extra time I have I squeeze in the wedding planning, so yeah, it was crazy hectic for me.

We traveled 1 1/2 hours from Lapu Lapu City to Toledo, but from Cebu City I think it will just take you 45 minutes to get there.

It has a serene ambiance, it's nature all the way. The Mountain,The tall trees and the humming birds, makes it conducive for meditation, soul searching that type but for our family who's into family bonding we like to just chill, eat, talk and laugh till our tummy aches, well we can still do that here.

There's  No restriction with carrying in on foods and drinks so webrought a lot of food that day but most importantly we had 1 whole lechon for ourselves, this family loves good food, and our healthy beautiful bodies can't deny it. LOL.

It was pretty hot that day prolly 37 deg C, dipping in their very cold pool was such a good idea. Their pools were fed from a mountain spring the Meposas.

The first person who swam there was Sophia and she was the last one to get out too...  Ah, my little Mermaid

Ah.... what a wonderful short trip we had. So Nice to reminisce espcially on rainy days like this. Makes me miss the sun. 

Springpark Mountain Resort, Cantabago, Toledo City, Tel 325 2044, 
Cel 0920 365 5909.





Mariz said...

nakakatuwa naman ang mga ngiti ninyo, kitang kita na you enjoyed the time. ang cute din ng pose nung little girl. :)

Mommy Maye said...

Nice place. Sarap naman magswimming :)

Mommy Maye (http://momayes.blogspot.com)

Bee said...

Nice photos! It's always great to have fun swimming with family!

anne lei said...

it is nice that you have enjoyed the last summer days. We can still enjoy swimming as the weather is terribly unpredictable. Sometimes it is too hot, and sometimes rainy.

Kha Arabejo said...

Your little mermaid is indeed a mermaid! hee hee. She loves the water that much. Her eyes in the picture shows it.

Nice said...

you all seemed to enjoy your vacation... the place is very nice too!

Postcard Trail said...

wow. nice foliage at least di masyadong open sa sun. the place looks so relaxing

michi said...

i thought spring resort here in laguna, cebu pala. hehe! cute naman ng shot ni little mermaid.

chrisair said...

I love their slide thanks for sharing this wonderful resort

jellybelly said...

You all look like you had a good time especially your darling daughter. So much fun if you a have a big family.

Cym Marzan said...

Wow! That's so fun! Especially enhanced by lotsa food pa! And your daughter posed like a mermaid. :-)

Farida of In Love With Sunflower said...

Glad that your family and some close relatives were able to hit the pool for a whole day of bonding, revelry, coupled with good food and a hearty laugh! The place looks gorgeous, not to mention the medicinal effects of the water coming from the spring. It was a lovely experience you had. Thanks for sharing!

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