Jun 10, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: PFFFFT!!!


I know I'm no expert when it comes to boxing but the fight between Manny and Bradley, declaring Bradley as the winner, was a scam. I was dumbfounded. It was disappointing. REALLY! Sickening to the stomach. My first thought was, are we being Punked! 

Clearly, Manny won the game. No doubt about that. Belt or no belt, he won the game. I am no expert but I have a very good functioning eye that can tell who punched more and who hugged more. If boxing is all about who threw HUGS more then by all means give the belt to Bradley.

Why Why, making such a fool out of us. I'm sure it made a few gamblers happy but millions of people heartbroken. They say the only way to beat a champ is by beating him. There's no beating that happened that night. None. NADA.

Whatever rottened agenda the people behind this planning, its ruining boxing. Haist! 

I commend how Pacman took the judges decision. You are truly a winner.

My thoughts XOXO,




Olga said...

Manny is the greatest fighter in boxing history. However, he didn't seem to be in his best fighting form during the fight. He wasn't as aggressive as he was in his previous fights. It seemed like he was just sparring with Bradley.

Yannie said...

I'm intrigued how his game went. I didn't watch it. I have to check youtube to watch game. But hopefully I can find an uncut video.

Allan said...

many Filipinos and other nationalities were really disappointed about the fight last sunday. I am not a boxing fan but surprised when the winner was announced.
Do you think it is the sign that Pacman should resign the boxing career?

atom said...

its all about the MONEY. pacman is not getting any younger and having a young blood to continue pouring millions of dollars is whats important to them.


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