Jun 12, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Independence Day/ Slide Day

Happy Independence Day!

I've always wondered how come we don't celebrate it like the Americans do on the 4th of July? Maybe because we aren't that independent yet? Oh well, I'm not even sure about how I feel about it, maybe I should read history more. I'm not a big fan of history,, so I'm going to skip that topic and head on to what happened to us that day.

It was a holiday, so we decided to visit our house, the one we bought 2009 and we were supposed to move in 2011 but we decided not because of a lot of reasons, let's just say we are slowly working the moving in the new house now but for the meantime we just go there weekly to clean it and hang out there for awhile.

We found out that they made a temporary playground for the kids, so we went to check it out. 

Sophia got overwhelmed with the presence of a lot of kids, she was happy but she got too shy to join in, I can see the excitement but I can also see a bit of fear in her eyes. It bothered me. Because this is the first time I saw her like this. Maybe because she's surrounded with more adults in the house than kids.  

She just stand and stare at the kids playing. She'd only play with the swing and slides when the other kids are not using it. Awang awa ako kay Sophie. It's such a sad sight.  I told hubby not to pressure her and we decided to play with her nlang.

We should bring her more to parks or playmaze to get more interactions with kids her age. I'm going to ask my friends to schedule playdates for our kids too. That should slowly open her up. 

Mommies, did u have the same dilemma with your kids? How did she/ he overcomes it?





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