Jun 14, 2012

Love Notes for Sophia: Your Best Man

Sophia's First Birthday

Timely for the coming Father's day this weekend.

Sophia is such a sweet girl, out of nowhere she goes to hug us and then fill us with her kisses. Ang Sarap. That instantly lifts any bad days.

She went and hug hubby and then kiss him on the lips. I told hubby, take advantage of that now because when she'll be a tween, I'd doubt if she'd still let you kiss her. It was a joke of course but I hear real stories about kids growing up and too embarrassed to kiss their parents.

 I was teasing hubby but i guess it got him. He was silent. I think it worried him.

And for awhile it worried me too.

I told hubby, that I don't think it will happen. And he asked me why.

Because I will be ready to show this post to her, I'm sure she will be moved by even the mere thought of her not loving you made you super duper sad.

Hubby just laughed. I laughed too but it got me thinking will that day really come? Hope not.





kath said...

awww..sometimes i think about this , too..pero siguro kung makakalakihan nila, ganon pa rin paglaki nila :D

Chin chin said...

Sophia's cute. Well, I personally still like my father to give me a kiss. But my sons who are growing up sometimes doesn't want their friends to see them kissed.

shadz said...

awww. just return her hugs. someday you'll treasure it how you encouraged her to keep hugging. :)

Rachelle said...

That's why right now i cherish every kiss my kids give to me. i just hope my hubby does it too thoug i notice di expressive with our kids kya medyo di naglalambing sa knya. mas gusto lang nila makipaglaro.

Jen said...

Seeing kids grow up is bittersweet. I think about my child's grown-up self sometimes, too.

Mona said...

Your daughter is cute, happy father's day to your hubby =)

Kriz said...

You're right Sis! Enjoy your kids while they are still small as it is during this period that you can really conquer their world. :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

awww! what a sweet and pretty Sophia is :-) My K is almost 6 years old and she will kiss her Daddy on the cheek and not on the lips or vice versa :-) Take advantage, they grow up so fast :-) Happy Father's Day to your hubby :-)

jared's mum said...

my little man is just as sweet, last night he just hugged me out of nowhere, he also spontaneously plant a wet kiss on my lips without being told + i dread the day he will stop doing that...oh well, if we will raise them well enough with loads of tender loving care, i see no reason why they won't kiss us even when they are in their 20's! ;)

happy father's day to dad! :)

Sumi Go said...

Sophia looks so sweet and charming. I'm sure she'll grow up as a nice young lady who's still sweet to her parents.. :) Anyway, happy father's day to your hubby, to your dad and to every father in your household.. :)

Tin said...

You have a charming family, happy father's day!

Tin of http://ohhthat.blogspot.com

Aileen said...

I hope she doesn't outgrow that and will still be as sweet and loving to both of you even in adulthood.

Dhemz said...

awwwwwww....how cute! belated happy father's sa hubby mo sis...such a wonderful tribute!

thanks for dropping by!

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