Jun 17, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Father's Day

June 17:

Growing up, I always look up to my dad as my hero. He was someone I can rely on 100%. He was my best buddy who took me to places and made me experience the world. Now that I'm older he is still that man. The man who still loves me like I'm 5 years old. 

I guess no matter how old I am or how old he is, he will forever be my Hero and I will forever be her Princess.

I have such a wonderful dad, and I dream nothing less for Sophia. 

"Babe,Thank you so much for being just that and more"
Happy Father's Day!





Rae said...

I think it's true what they say. If you have a good dad daw, mas mataas ang likelihood for a girl to find a good husband.

Lucky you and Sophia :)

Anne Lei said...

Belated happy father's day.

Jhari said...

Nice layout. I scrap too, but since my husband and I are sharing laptop, I stopped for more than 6 months now. I wish that once my mojo come back, I still have the talent (somehow) to scrap LOL! Belated HFD.

Lalah said...

Thanks:) This is actually my first for digi scrapping. heheheh I'm glad it turned nice. You should get back to scrapping, it's so addicting right? :)

jellybelly said...

How sweet! Happy Father's Day!

redamethyst said...

you made a nice scrap work! Belated happy father's day to your husband.

**visiting from BC bloggers**

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