Jun 13, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: Colors

My two beloved artists, it's been two weeks in a row, every single night they keep drawing and coloring until they tired their selves to sleep

This time daddy drawing an elephant. And according to Sophie she is drawing an airplane. Cge airplane it is. I was excited to join in the fun but Sophie told me "No mommy, Daddy and Pia lang"

Aba anak, I am the one who buys you crayons every week and you won't let me touch it? (emote ang mother)
Sophie handed me my own bondpaper and crayons, and said, "ok mommy, there lang". Meaning she wont let me draw on their  canvas and strictly instructed me to draw on the bondpaper she handed me. I think she got tired of my stick drawings. LOL.

Cge na, hubby draws better than me. But watch out I'm going to practice more so I can beat hubby. Hahahaha (evil laugh). Haaaaaaaaay, wish ko lang.

Actually I had more fun watching them draw they look so adorable together. Maury is such an amazing dad. Sophia is so lucky.

Advance Happy Father's Day, Daddy!





Vernz@ Virtual Wanderer said...

this is a lovely memory for both of them! Awesome pics :)

leira said...

cute nilang dalawa panuorin. cute nang daughter mo!

aby ♥ said...

so cute! its nice to have family bonding every chance you have

Mae Codizal said...

Advanced happy father's day to maury! My inaanak is addicted to drawing and coloring as well. Please do not ever get tired of supporting anything that Sophia thinks of doing (not that I think you are) :) Encouragement for creativity and independence is the best thing we can give the youth of today.

Tin | The Average Jane said...

Awww...so sweet! I can't wait til my Little One appreciates crayons too. =)

CC said...

Nice photos! I'm sure Sophie will be very thankful when she sees this in the future. :) Happy father's day to your husband! :)

Lady Spring said...

hee she's a Papa's girl XD
steal her back! :p

Hey little crayons! Good thing your daughter does not snap them in two..my nieces like to murder their crayons for reasons known only to them :/
I'm tempted to buy them the jumbo crayons.

Mom Michelle said...

Are you a Cebuana sis? I noticed some of your travel posts are within Cebu. I am too. hehe.

I bet you buy crayons more than once a month. hahah! I do too. I have a 2yrs and a half boy who loves coloring and drawing on paper and on the wall. Then I follow behind cleaning his mess. That's kids.

Pretty daughter you have there. :-)

Care to follow me back coz I'd love that. :-)

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