Jan 24, 2012

Sophie's Style:Holiday Monday Kung Hei Fat Choi

Last Monday, we went to have the image of our Sto Nino blessed at no other than Basilica Minor del Sto Nino.

We are going to move to our new home very very soon. And our Nino will be going with us, that's why we have the image blessed ahead of time.We are just taking one step at a time, I will blog about it more on the next few days so I can go and share it with you and maybe you can give me advices because I'm really open to it.

Anyways, here's Sophia's outfit for the day.

She's loving her new earring, pamana from her Tita Fatim.

Sophie's Style:
Dress: Bambini a gift from Tita Mia
Shoes: Smart Fit from Payless

Everytime we go to Sto Nino Church I always ask hubby to take pictures of the Magellan's Cross which is just beside the church, I don't know I just wanna feel like a tourist of my own place hehehehe... As I was making this post I saw few pics of last year at the same place and I compared it to our new pic and I can't help feeling emo again, because my Sophia is a grown up... (exage) but really she has grown.


This was her at 9 months old, with only two lower incisors, who can't walk without me holding her.

This is her now. 1 year and 9 months old.

It took me great efforts to get this girl and have pictures with me. And she already has complete set of temporary teeth. And she can now run and loves to play chase... hahays... 

Anyways, we went to SM Cebu after, and we happened to see Dragon dancers in celebration for the Chinese New Year. Sophia enjoyed the dance and was even dancing too, she enjoyed it a lot until we decided to take photos with the dragon.

Sophie and Daddy with her death defying grip.

What year were you born? 

I was born 1982 the year of the Dog.

Oi, I like what it says ha. I'm decent and honest. Plus it looks like I will have a good year this year.

Hubby was born 1980 the year of the Monkey.

Oh, hubby you should be careful and true to yourself daw.

Our little Sophia was born 2010. The year of the Tiger. GRRRR...

I don't know about this my baby is still small and it's way too heavy for her to take on leadership. But this sure does sound like a strong Zodiac Sign to me.

We got hungry chasing Little S who's following the dragon dancers but don't want to go near them, so we filled our hungry stomach with our fave Filipino food at one of our fave resto Chikaan sa Cebu.


All I can say is lami. We ordered Calamares, Pork Belly, It was my first time to eat Pinakbet and I actually enjoyed the food, and Tinolang Isda because Sophia loves soup and fish. Just like her dad. Me, I'm such a pork person. But this year I'm going to cut on the meat. Good Luck on that.

The guys from the other table were complimenting Sophia, they were so amazed on how our one year old eats by herself. I'm even amazed how independent she is, she doesn't want to be fed that's why she learned to eat on her own at an early age.

I love long weekends, I get to spend time with my lovies but comes tuesday and I miss them bigtime. 

Anyways, how was your long weekend? Mind sharing?

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happy caity said...

red gyud for new year! :) at first look i thought the flowers were polka dots.

anyways, Kung Hei Fat Choi! lami gyud basta Chikaan!

Cheerful said...

happy chinese new year! your food choices looks really delicious. and yes, sophia's so pretty! :) visiting from FTF, see you around.

wifetoalineman02 said...

Kung Hei Fat Choy to all of you Sis, Sophie is so adorable :-) the foods looks delish too :-)visiting from FTF, hope that you can return the visit too.


Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

She's so adorable...and you two look gorgeous with the matching red dress and all...and I would love to visit Cebu someday and check out Chikaan...I'd appreciate it if you could also follow me...thanks
Visiting from FTF
Here is mine:http://www.gastronomybyjoy.com/2012/01/all-filipino-pizza-choices.html

Kriz said...

Sophia is such a cutie! The foods look s yummy, too. It's really fun to have a week end with your loved ones.

Visiting from FTF

Leah H. said...

Yummy food! Your girl is so cute:)

Visiting for FTF! Hope you can stop by:)


anne said...

super cute ng baby, and feel na feel niya ang foods. Mine is here Sahm’s Dining Diary thanks visiting you from FTF

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