Sep 13, 2011

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño

After we visited Fort San Pedro, we went to see Magellan's Cross and paid a visit to the baby Jesus at Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. Like most Cebuanos, I too am a devotee of the child Jesus. My relationship with Him has gone a long way, thus too many great stories to tell. (in future posts).

We arrived past 7 pm, yet there were still a lot of people inside the church, devotees and some tourists, Christians and non-Christians. This place has become one of the most visited places in Cebu. In fact when you say "Cebu",  Sto Nino often times if not always comes in mind. Both are highly associated with each other.

Basilica del Santo Niño, is the Oldest church in the Philippines. Founded by Augustinian priest, Andres de Urdaneta on April 28, 1565. Made up of coral stones and is even said to be earthquake proof. 

                                                       A little history:
During the time of the Spanish conqueror Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, one of his soldier found a statue of baby Jesus largely unharmed within a smoldering hut. They believed that it was the "image"  the great Ferdinand Magellan gave to Queen Juana (Cebu's Chieftain King Humabon's wife), after her husband was baptized. Legaspi then had a church built on the very same spot where the image was found.


Friday Novena Masses
Mondays to Thursdays and Saturdays
5:00AM Cebuano
5:00AM Cebuano
6:00AM Cebuano
7:00AM Cebuano
6:00AM Cebuano
7:00AM Cebuano
8:30AM English
7:00AM English
8:00AM English
10:00AM Cebuano
8:00AM English
11:30AM English
9:00AM English
2:30PM Cebuano
10:00AM Cebuano
4:00PM Cebuano
11:00AM Cebuano
5:30PM English
12:00NN English
7:00PM English
3:00PM Cebuano
4:30PM Cebuano
5:30PM English
6:30PM English
7:30PM English

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