Jan 2, 2012

{ Daily Snapshot }: At Dr. Sy's Clinic

January 2

Sophie was patiently waiting for her turn to have her Booster at Dr. Sy's clinic. This was taken before she received her immunization still so happy, eating her crackers, clueless on what's going to happen next. 

When she  finally had her turn, she didn't cry when the needle was injected but cried while expelling the contents, I think because it stings. 

Being the one injected is another thing but watching your child cry because of fear and pain is more painful and you feel helpless. It's heartbreaking because you cant do anything about it coz it's for her own good. 

But I'm very proud of her. I remember when I was young my mom being a nurse is always the one who administers  our immunization and it will take her 3 hours of chasing me and bribing me with food and toys before we could get it all done. And yes I cried my lungs out the whole time like a pig ready to be lechoned. Lol. BUT my little Sophia is braver she cried, yes, but just stayed still and endure it.

Before we leave she even  waved and kissed Dr. Sy goodbye and on our way out the door she said "enkyou doc" (thank you Doc). *smartgirl*





Vhen said...

you got a pretty family :)

she's adorable!

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