Jan 2, 2012

Side Trip: Co Jordan

It has been awhile since my dad asked us to have a road trip. He is a very spontaneous person and always game for fun. So when he asked me to wake up everyone because we are going to Parkmall he said, I obediently and excitedly abide, I don't want him to change his mind.... 

But when we were making the right turn to Parkmall, he told Maury turn left, to the opposite way and I asked him where we were going, he said " Laag Laag, Road trip".  It is so like daddy, I miss moments like this with him . I was once again like a little girl, watching the view from the window of the car patiently waiting for the special place daddy is going to take me. 

This time it was this place, Co Jordan in Tayud Consolacion

Omolon's Family
Daddy revealed that the real trip is to Tito Hermes house to have lunch because it was his 59th birthday but since it was stiill 10 am, we can still drop by at Co Jordan Talaba/ Bangus eatery for picture taking.

Cottages depends on the size they have for small groups worth 100 pesos for an hour, 150 and 500 pesos.

They also have videoke for rent and inside the bigger cottages there's a very cozy hammock and rocking chair. 

We really wanted to have pictures taking only but couldn't say no to the food that was really mouth watering, after all the pork, ham, and feast we've prepared for the holidays... Mango, Budbud (suman), and Talaba taste soooo good right now. :)  



If you don't want to rent cottages they have free tables and chairs were you can dine. That's where we ate since we only stayed for a few minutes.

Other things you can do here is, Fishing. You can buy whatever you fish for 160/kilo. I think the fishing itself is fun and I wanna learn how or at least experience it. You can also go boating for 100 per hour. Kuya I wanted to go but because we are short of time.... that has to wait.

Here are a few pics of us at Co Jordan. Notice Sophia's absence, she was at my aunt's for an overnight stay.

w/ my boyfriend lol

Kuya with his Mini me Kuya I

Kuya I wanted to go fishing and boating

My two handsom brothers

 And let's not forget my cool older brother and older sister.

Daddy and Mommy
We are definitely going back, and were definitely bringing Little S with us. And we are definitely going to try their crabs, shrimps, talaba and bangus harvests at around 8am- 4pm. And we are definitely going fishing and boating.... I'm going thirty this year and I'm definitely going to try whatever I want to try. Choz* hehehehe

I thank God for families....

@ Tayud Consolacion. I'll give you updates on the place once we go back there. :)


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