Dec 13, 2011

Sophie's Style: Dressed in Holiday Style

My little Sophie had a great time at her dad's Christmas Party. It's so nice seeing her with other kids. She was asking them to play with her she even danced and sing with them. But I was happier when I saw her giving candies to other kids and adults. We've been teaching her to be a giver and finally without asking her to do it, she just does it, like its natural for her.

Dress: Bonnie Baby - got this as a gift from my cousins in Canada. I so love the dress so "in" for the season. It's not only pretty on her but it's also very comfy. 

Black Doll Shoes is from Payless SM Cebu bought it for 699 Pesos

Red and White Ribbon, bought it online around 200 for a pair. This is actually one of my favorite clippies for her. She has worn this several times already and it doesn't get old. 

Another party is coming up, I can't wait to share with you all what Sophie is wearing. Mommy is so excited :)



happy caity said...

now this is how kids' style should be done! with an outfit shot, head to toe!

she's so adorable btw, especially the last pic. love it!

thanks for joining kids' style! see you next week, okies? :)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

red and checkered skirt looks good on her, she totally rock. what a cute and adorable little fashionista/stylish girl you have there

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