Dec 12, 2011

Singapore Escapade Day 2: MBS Infinity Pool, Chinatown, Orchard, Merlion and Clarke Quay

After 3 months, I get to write and finish the post about the Singapore trip we had last October.

The first thing we did on our second day was swim at their famous infinity pool. It made me forget about my achy toes... Swimming at the 57th floor height pool, gives you a different high. It's like swimming unsafely, but it's actually really safe to swim there. Promise.

With Hubby

the whole gang

Me and my girlfriends hop to the pool to the sauna to the pool and back like happy little children. hehehe 

We didn't want to leave. We swam until our skin got all wrinkled up. hahaha 

At three pm we had to go even if we didn't want to. So we made one last pose with the mimes and bid Marina Bay Sands goodbye. :)

And said Hello to our temporary home for the remaining 3 days in Singapore. Five Foot Way Inn.

Strolled over Chinatown and bought some souvenirs. 5 for 10$ was kind of addicting, I ended buying a lot of useless stuffs hehehehe.... 

Later that night we went to Orchard, met the famous Merlion, then off partying at Clark Quay.

 Maury got to see some old friends who are already working there.

Our last stop that night was at Clarke Quay, where we partied the night away. 



anney said...

Ganda talaga ng infinity pool ng MBS!! Di na kami matutuloy mag singapore next year at pinagpalit namin sya sa Bellaroca kasi nakakuha kami ng deal e sayang naman ang laki ng discount kaya sa susunod na lang kami mag singapore at hopefully makapag check in din sa MBS kahit overnight lang. hehehe!

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