Nov 18, 2011

No Cook: Pastillas de Leche

I love eating, I love food, I love watching cooking shows and reading recipes but didn't really get to DO IT. I mean the cooking part. I can't blame my parents they both know how to cook, even my brothers do. So, I'm pointing the finger on me. :( I'm not going to attempt on giving explanation of my lack of cooking skills but I'm going to start studying, experimenting the kitchen world. I'm going to pressure myself to really do it this time, and I'm going to document it (for added pressure purposes).

This couldn't be hard, Iv'e added alginates, plaster of paris, dye stones to form dental study cast. I've learned to pull aching teeth and restore all oral cavities... so cooking could be learn, right? (just me, trying to convince myself).

But truthfully, I'm doing this because I really want to. I want to cook for Maury and Sophia. I want Sophia to grow up baking or something like that. I want my family especially my parents to be proud of me when they get to taste what I make. Most especially, I want me to be proud of me.

So, for starters. I'm doing a no cook recipe just so I could have the 'feel' of it. But first, let me introduce to you my guest chef (feeler) my nephew Kuya Icee.

Now for our No Cook Series #2

This is the second 'No Cook' because I consider this as my first. :)

Easy Steps:

Let's showcase the Master Chef's work. heheheh :) Nice Job Kuya Icee.

Hopefully, there's more to this series. (crossing my fingers).

Happy Weekend Everyone.


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