Nov 27, 2011

Weekly Snippets: Isiah Joseph and I want a new pet

"Family always comes first, second to God of course, And every week, I'll save a day to share about our week. I know someday Little S will thank me for this one.And I know someday I will love myself for making this one. You are always welcome to come and visit. And maybe drop some love along the way"  :)

Yesterday the K family went to attend my friend Ate Wilvette's son's baptism. Ate Wilvette is like a sister to me, her family and mine are so close that sometimes it feels like we are family too. This is  the first time I get to see Isiah Joseph because when Ate Vet gave birth to him I was having a bad sore eyes that lasted for weeks.

So there, I asked hubby to take a photo of me and baby Isiah.

When Little S saw me carrying another baby she rushed and joined in the picture taking.

Maury to Sophia: Anak, do like babies? ( we've observed that she is already fond of babies.    Everytime she is near one she would hug and kiss him)
Sophia: Yesh ( nodding her head)
Maury: do you like a baby Brother?
Sophia: NO NO NO
Maury: Baby sister?
Sophia: NO NO NO
Hahahaha... Our baby girl is not ready yet. I think we're not ready yet too. 2013 maybe?

Ate Vet and me catching up. Can u believe that Isiah is her 4th baby. No matter how she eats, her body just burns it out. Lucky her.

When we went to the grocery later that afternoon... WOW.... Paskong Pasko na. I love love the decors it feels so warm. :) There was a huge Christmas tree nicely dressed up and I wanted to take photos of us, but there were too many people and I got a little shy doing it. So I asked Little S to pose for us instead. But I'm going back next week and have a family picture with that Christmas tree. Promise! lol

While I was doing the groceries, hubby and Little S amused themselves at the department store and found a new friend. :)


It's so cool how you can bring pets in Parkmall. This is the only pet friendly mall I know, coz most just won't allow their entry. I wish somebody will gift me a pet. I miss my Tazzie so much. 

How was your weekend guys? I miss the interview of KC about her relationship with Papa F... Ay, Papa P pala. People here in the clinic are talking about it... So crazy.



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